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Kobayashi Photo

(Koby) Kanzo Kobayashi Profile

Category: MIS
Published: 2013

小林寛三 (小林宽三; Канзо Кобаяси; گَانْزُو گُوبَايَاشِي)
up 13y25

  • omnia mutantur, nos et muta・mur in illis.
    (All things change, and we change with them.)
  • 宝刀不老 (bǎo dāo bù lǎo) still maintain one's skills at an advanced age
  • Praise no man till he is dead.
  • 万物は変化する, 我々もまたその中あって変化する.
  • 年月経ても宝刀は錆びず
  • 棺を蓋いて事定まる『晋書』:棺木盖棺论定

0. Most interested in:

  • Publication by HP: Bilingual (English & Japanese) HP, trying to make Trilingual HP (adding Chinese).
  • Activities in Academia: GLCOM, International University of Japan, or other part-time lecture or presentation at Tokyo Institute Technology, etc.
  • Activities at ICT Partners Association as Secretary General, to promote ICT-enpowered Management particularly for SMB in Japan.
  • Key words of my interest:
    • Global business or way of being global
    • Multi languages by effective learning method: particularly learning Chinese language via English.
    • Fusion of Management & ICT Utilization, including methodology
    • Methodology of acquiring Knowledge



  • NAME: KANZO KOBAYASHI (Nickname: "Koby")
    • Date of birth: Dec. 1945
    • Place of birth: Japan
    • Nationality: Japan
    • Home address: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
    • eMail: kobakan@ba.wakwak.com
    • Homepage: http://park12.wakwak.com/~kobakan/

1.自己紹介: >

  • 氏名:小林寛三
  • 生年:1945年12月
  • 出生地:新潟県
  • 国籍:日本
  • 住所:東京都品川区
  • email: kobakan@ba.wakwak.com
  • Homepage:http://park12.wakwak.com/~kobakan/



  • 2011.11 - until now:
    Established "ICT Management Partners Association" as of Nov. 17, 2011, together with Mr. Takaaki Seki, ex-president of ITCA, etc. I function as General Manager of Secretariat of the Association.
  • 1998- until now:
    Fellow of Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan since 1998, now excutive research fellow since July 1, 2011.
  • 2006.4. - 2011.7:
    Secretariat, NPO - IT Coordinators Association.
    Supporting nationwide about 7,000 METI recommended qualified 'IT Coordinators.' Also, became IT Coordinator in 2007.
  • 2004.1 - 2006.3:
    Executive Expert, Corporate Administration Div.,
    NEC Soft, Ltd.
    Involved in OSS/Linux promotion at OSDL-Japan, and eGov/OSS research project of CICC, etc.
  • 1997 - 2003:
    Director, General Manager of New Business & Technologies Div.,
    Nippon Telematique Inc. (a J/V of NTT & Itochu 50/50)
    Involved in development of new business, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other Internet related solutions.
  • 1996-97:
    Managing Director of Itochu Internet Corporation
    a J/V of Itochu, CTC, CRC, Sun Microsystems
    Involved in Cyber Mall and B-to-B eBusiness system development
  • 1993-96:
    Manager of End User Computing Promotion Dept.,
    Information Systems & Telecommunications Div. of Itochu
    Involved in Computer Literacy education and support programs in
    Corporate MIS Div. Promoted to open Itochu Homepage first as a trading company, and secured "itochu.co.jp" by internal voluntary Internet Promoting Group.
  • 1991-93:
    Manager of Corporate Planning & Administration, Telecommunications & Electronics Business Div. of Itochu
    Functioned as a secretariat section of Division General Manager.
  • 1990:
    Finished PMD-59 (Program for Management Development)
    Harvard Business School (Boston)
    Received intensive business school course with 108 participants from worldwide including 6 Japanese.
  • 1989-90:
    Manager of Corporate Planning & Administration,
    Information Systems & Technology Dept. of Itochu
    Involved in TV-Japan project sending NHK program via satellite to US
  • 1988-89:
    General Manager of Corporate Planning
    NTT PC Communications Co. Ltd. (90% NTT affiliate)
    Sent from Itochu to involve global connection of PC communication services based on X.400 protocol.
  • 1986-87:
    Information System & Technology Dept. of Itochu
    involved in Itochu's strategic planning & investment in emerging IT business areas. In1985 Telecom Business Law in Japan is deregulated
  • 1983-85:
    Manager of Business Administration Div.
    Japan-Australia Uranium Resources Development Corp.
    a J/V of Kansai, Kyushu, Shikoku Electric Power Cos & Itochu, as an importer of nuclear fuel from Energy Resources of Australia.
  • 1981-83:
    Assist. Manager of Nuclear Energy Div. of Itochu
    Involved in the import of nuclear fuel from Australia, and conversion and enrichment processes in US and Europe.
  • 1979-81:
    Manager, Itochu Dammam Office, Saudi Arabia
    Sent from Itochu as an expatriate to Saudi Arabia
    Involved in trade business and plant export of telecommunication system.
  • 1977-79:
    Nonferrous Product Trade Sec., Nonferrous Metal Dept. of Itochu
    Involved in export of power and telecom cables, mainly to Middle East.
  • 1974-76:
    Mineral Resources Development Dept of Itochu
  • 1972-73:
    Agip Nucleare Australia Pty Ltd. (Sydney)
    Sent from Itochu to Australian exploration company of Agip
    Involved in Uranium exploration activities in W.Australia.
  • 1970-71:
    Joined C. Itoh & Co. Ltd. (now, Itochu Corporation) in 1970
    Mineral Resources Development Dept.
    Involved in Nonferrous mineral exploration activities
    in Panama, Philippines, Australia, etc.
  • 1969-70:
    Joined Power Reactor & Nuclear Fuel Development Corp
    Central Japan Exploration Office
    Involved in Uranium exploration activities in Japan


  • 2011.11〜現在 (兼務):
  • 1998〜現在: (兼務)
    国際大学 Center for Global Communication (GLOCOM) Fellow
  • 2006.4〜2011.6:
    全国、約7,000のITコーディネータ (経済産業省推薦資格) を支援。
  • 2004.1〜2006.3:
  • 1997〜2003: (出向)
    日本テレマティーク株式会社 (NTT/伊藤忠合弁)
  • 1996〜97: (出向)
  • 1993〜96:
    伊藤忠商事 情報システム統轄部 EUC推進室長
  • 1991〜93:
    伊藤忠商事 通信電子事業本部 企画統轄課長
  • 1990 :(海外研修)
    Harvard Business School (PMD) (米国ボストン)
  • 1989〜91:
    伊藤忠商事 情報通信総合企画室企画統轄チーム長 
  • 1988〜89: (出向)
  • 1986〜88:
    伊藤忠商事 情報通信総合企画室
  • 1983〜86: (出向)
  • 1981〜83: 
    伊藤忠商事 原子力部
  • 1979〜81: (海外駐在)
    伊藤忠商事 サウジアラビア
  • 1974〜79: 
    伊藤忠商事 金属資源開発室および非鉄金属部
  • 1972〜74: (海外出向)
    AGIP Nucleare Australia Pty Ltd. (豪州)
  • 1970:
  • 1969:



  • 1990:
    Harvard Business School
  • 1969:
    Graduated University of Tokyo
    Degree: Bachelor of Science, 1969
    Specialty: Economic Geology & Mineralogy
  • 1964:
    Graduated Hibiya Senior High School (Tokyo)


  • 1990:
    (PMD59) 修了
  • 1969:  
  • 1964:
    東京都立日比谷高校 卒 




  1. Foreign trade and investment know-how:
    • Background: 35 years experiences at Itochu Corporation, including twice expatriate experience at Australia (1973-74) and Saudi Arabia (1979-81)
    • Particularly, development and import of mineral & energy resources from resource-rich countries to Japan.
    • The mechanist and risk factors regarding long-term contract including investment, finance, involvement of management, operation at local sites.
    • How to estimate proven, probable, and possible resources.
    • How to negotiate with both side government and authorities regarding resources development.
    • How to make persuasive feasibility study regarding the project.
  2. Energy issues, from nuclear to renewable energy know-how:
    • Background; experience at Power Reactor Nuclear Development Corp. (PNC) in 1969-70 and Energy and mineral development division at Itochu Corporation. (1970-85)
    • In Saudi Arabia, mostly involved at plant export of power and telecommunication cables for ARAMCO, etc., including export activities covering other ME countries like Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, etc.
    • Expatriate experience at Saudi Arabia, including negotiation with Arabic and Pakistan/Indian/Palestine staff.
    • Basic knowledge and familiarity of Arabic language for survival.
  3. ICT related business:
    • Background: 1986-2003 at Information and Telecommunication Division of Itochu Corp (1986-). including dispatched to (Shukko) NTT PC Communications, Inc. (1988), Itochu Internet Corp. (1996-97) Nippon Telematique Inc. (J/V of NTT and Itochu, 1997-2004),
    • NEC Soft, Co., Ltd. )2004-06), mainly involved in OSS activities and research project of Vietnam e-government and OSS utilization. Often attended the meeting at OSDL, Open Source Development Lab), which is a globally-organized neutral development organization of open source software. I attended of of representing staff of NEC group.
    • IT Coordinators Association (2006-2011), as secretariat staff for the chairman of ITCA. Typical activity was proliferation project called IT Caravan sponsored by Microsoft, etc. covering nation-wide IT campaign tour by bus having lectures, demonstration, workshops at various local cities in Japan. The caravan bus toured over 60,000 km in Japan. Mr. T. Seki was also the chairman of this campaign project. I also became a IT Coordinator, which is a qualification recommended by METI.
    • ICT Management Partners Association (2011-now) as Secretary-General of this association promoting constancy and matching opportunities for SMB Japan to promote I Ct-enpowered management style.
  4. Academic experiences and activities:
    • Fellow (and now Executive Research Fellow since 2011) of the Center for Global Communications of International University of Japan at Roppongi, Tokyo, since 1998; participated various workshops related to the Inforsocionomics presided by Prof. Kumon and his successors.
    • Since 2011, involved as an operation staff of FTM (Future Technology Management) aiming to study environmental and sustainable society after the Fukushima accident in 2011 composed of industry-academic-government cooperation, having several workshops and conference at Glocom each month.
    • Part-time lecturer at 1) Ryuku University, 2) Nanzan University, 3) ICU, 4) Tokyo Institute of Technology, and JICA, etc.
  5. NPO experiences and activities:
    • (NPO) IT Coordinators Association (2006-2011); function of organizing and assisting nation-wide IT coordinators in keeping qualification status and assisting to have business opportunities as IT coordinators.
    • ICT Management Partners Association (2011-now); organizing various specialtion of management and ICT to assist as consultants, staff, agent for SMB in Japan. Also organizing virtual corporation composed of such specialits, which will function as studying and performing activitings throgu lecture, workshops and activites of segmented groups involving vendor and user companies.
    • BPM (Business Process Management), Agile development, utilization of cloud services as well as ITC methodology of ITC Process Guideline are core of tips for ITC.
    • Preparation for presentation materials for the chairman Mr. T. Seki is my continued task after ITCA, which is not only for the former chairman, but for my self; applicable for various opportunties of presentation or lectures. The backgroud data and former materieals shoud be kept in order and regularly updated so that those are avaiable if needed.


  1. Practical English capability:
    • Continued study of mastering English as a business tool and a way of thinking, and as a source of the latest knowledge written in English.
    • Background: the first foreign language since middle junior high school and the most favorite subject since high school days.
    • Studied incentive course at Harvard Business School (PMD-59) at Boston in 1990. I was one of the only eight Japanese in more than hundred students. Three case studies each containing about 30 pages of writing required tough preparations particularly for non-native participants, but I challenged it and tried to be active at the class debate. The year of 1990 was lucky for Japanese, because it was the summit period of Japanese economy: the debase of Japan vs. US became often the discussing theme at the class.
    • TOEIC score of 840.
  2. Publish or perish:
    • Continued publishing activities, mostly through my private bilingual HP (http://www.ictm-p.jp/), which became nearly 60MB volume.
    • I am trying to make my HP into trilingual or more global HP writing not only English, but also in Chinese, Spanish, etc.
    • I think the Western culture has Latin culture, while the Eastern one Chinese character as historic background. Spanish retains good Latin vocabulary. (Esperanto is interesting, but has not enough study materials.) Thus, I chose English and Spanish representing Western culture, and Chinese and Japanese representing Eastern culture as learning languages.
    • Comparative study of English0-Spanish-Chinese-Japanese would be another challenge of my speciality.
    • Challenging to write books through Glocom and ICTMP activities, starting from co-author experiences.
  3. Global concern and challenging spirit:
    • "Being global" is my favorite slogan, often used as my lecture theme at universities, which covers how to make global business, to spend global life, and to think globally, including how to learn foreign languages.
    • "Begin digital" would be always related to being global; we are living in globalized digital flat world particularly since 2000.
    • Watching and collecting the latest trend of global and ICT related issues, and trying to publish them in my HP, otherwise I would perish myself. The famous slogan of 'Publish and perish" was learned at HBS.
    • Furthermore, it is economical to read English or foreign language books. To fill up half of my bookshelves by foreign books would be my final target, though still filled with lots of Japanese books got through long school days. Whenever I visit book stores in Japan, I have realized that almost all book sold there are written in Japanese only; while other countries in US, Europe, China, East-Asian countries are different, where the bookstores sell foreign language written books together with local books.
    • The situation of music CD and movie DVD are a bit different; in Japan they sell lots of US or European ones, but not much from other countries. Latin, Russian and Arabic music CD is difficult to get. Movie DVD are more different; in Japan we can buy Korean and Chinese movies, but unfortunately whose narration or subtitle is Japanese; furthermore Japanese included DVD's are expensive. I am obliged to buy international version of DVD at a virtual shop, which usually contain English and Chinese subtitles other than original narration at reasonable prices.
  4. Scientific interest and thinking:
    • I studied Geology at Faculty of Science of University of Tokyo. Geology or Geoscience is an applied science of physics, chemical and biology, and related various interdisciplinary sciences. And actually I had worked as a geologist at PNC and the beginning of Itochu Crop. So, I continue to study targeting widely wider themes of science and scientific history. Recently astrobiology is getting more interest to me. Ṣcientific writer such as Isac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, and other talented writers are my favorite authors.
    • Theory of information and IT technology is also interesting. I think computer is a friend of mine as long as it is obedient, but in long future it could acquire the ability of thinking by itself, then judging and taking action irrelevant to human order. And I'm afraid that some day AI could be an enemy of human kind, because by then computers could be ubiquitous; we need to distinguish ubiquitous computer which is friend and which is enemy. It could be a new type of cyber rebellion or attack against humankind, which come not only outside like virus, but internal alternate organs or buried chips inside of ourselves.
  5. Future uneasiness:
    • A future battle between carbon and silicon! We have developed utilities of carbon technology considering carbon-based architecture of our body. Silicon has been a discovery and development as computer chips since middle of 20C. But some day in future, the rebellion of silicon-based AI against carbon-base humankind would be inevitable, if and when silicon-based AI acquired ability of judging themselves and reproduction method of AI. Reproduction could be possible by way of transmitting information like DNA.
    • Nuclear radiation from Uranium and Plutonium could be an assistant from carbon creature against silicon-based AI. Though we would give up further nuclear power generation, but the basic research of nuclear technology would be necessary not only for basic research but for the possibility of future unknown enemy.



  1. 貿易および投資ノウハウ
  2. エネルギー問題:原子力から再生可能エネルギーまで
  3. ICT関連ビジネス
  4. 大学関連経験
  5. NPO関連経験


  1. 英語能力
  2. もの書き
  3. グローバル問題
  4. 科学テーマと関心
  5. 将来の不安
  • ID card at Dammam, 1979:







5. MISCELLANEOUS for Urgent Travel:

  • MUST:
    • Passport
    • Air ticket
    • Foreign currency
    • Driver license
  • CARD:
    • Credit Card
    • JAL/ANA card, etc.
    • Business documents
    • Presentation materials
    • Books
    • Maps
    • Name card
    • Hotel reservation voucher
  • KEY:
    • Home key
    • Baggage key/band
  • PC:
    • Mac note & speaker
    • LAN connector/D-Sub connector/Mobile phone connector
    • iPad/iPad power cable
    • Plug connector/(Electric transformer)
    • Power cable extension/Plug attachment
    • LAN Cable
    • Mouse
    • DVD Player/Ear phone
    • Mobile phone
    • Additional lens
    • Memory
    • Camera battery charger
  • Watch
    • Alarm clock
    • Spectacles
    • Slipper
    • Tooth brush
    • Hair liquid
    • Nail clipper
    • Medicine
    • Electric shaver & cable
    • Pen
    • Notebook
    • Post-it
    • Stick glue
    • Scissors
    • Knife/Army knife
    • Ear pick
  • FOOD:
    • Dry noodle
    • Tea pack
    • Senbei

ABC motto for being global:

  1. Action-agenda
  2. Biological oriented/Business oriented
  3. Communication / Chemical oriented
  4. Debatable
  5. English ability
  6. Financial knowhow
  7. Geology thinking
  8. Herrmann model
  9. ICT knowhow
  10. Justice
  11. Knowledge
  12. Logical thinking
  13. Mathematical thinking
  14. Norm consciousness
  15. Opportunity oriented
  16. Physics thinking
  17. Quick action
  18. Resilient
  19. Soft power /Scientific oriented
  20. Teachings
  21. Universal set
  22. Vividness
  23. Word picture
  24. Xanadu -xǐhuan
  25. Yoyow= You own your own words
  26. Zealousness

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