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Brain science of men and women

- A persistent brain and a tempering brain -

Cat: SCI
Pub: 2012

Ihoko Kurokawa (黒川伊保子)


Brain science of men and women


  1. Introduction:
  2. Sex difference in brain:
  3. Amaizing women's brain:
  4. Heartbreaking men's brain:
  5. Change of aging brain:
  6. <Re>: Operation Manual (Washing machine):
  1. はじめに:
  2. 脳には性差がある:
  3. 恐るべき女性脳:
  4. 切ない男性脳:
  5. 年齢脳の変化:
  6. <参考> 取扱説明書(洗濯機の例):
; A lapse of memory; Associative memory; Casalinga; Confusing brain; Corpus callosum; Debrouillard; Diversity inclusion; Enjoy knowing; Estrogen; Leucin enkephalin; LGBT; Marple; Men's brain; Operation Manual (sample); Posteriori training; Progesterone; Simple memory; Shrinking of thought space; Taboo words; Testosterone; Tetrachromatic; Transgender; Women's brain;
  • There is a serious criticism about this book, by Yuko Yotsumoto, assistant professor of Tokyo Univ.; commenting that there is little scientific proof of the difference of brains between men and women, as well as little reflection of the results of the latest neuroscience research; furthermore, the data cited in the book obsolete and almost 40 years old that women's brains have 20% more wider corpus callosum, which is now denied by the major researchers.
  • This book, though becoming a best seller, describes too much neurosexism, or is a kind of pseud0-science, the authority concluded.
Original resume

>Top 0. Introduction:

  • Human character mostly depends on the circuit or network of a device called brain.
    • AI, which is now growing rapidly, is trying to imitate the function of our brain.
    • It is not easy to understand the behavior of a human being as the feature of his or her brain.
  • It has been discussed there may be a substantial difference between men's brain and women's one.
    • Men's brain does not function as women expect, or vice versa.
    • Different devices need to be treated differently.
    • In addition, brains changes as the years pass; younger brain tends shows input oriented, matured brain output.
    • This book is about operating manuals for both healthy brains; nobody hasn't see such manuals, though our brain could or should be used for lifetime.

1. はじめに:

  • 人間の脳は、男女で役割の重点が異なる。
  • その違いを認識した上で、相互に相手の脳の操作マニュアルを考える。

>Top 1. Sex difference in brain:

  • 1982-92: ICOT, a big national project in Japan, promoted by then MITI spending ¥57B.
    • aimed to develop parallel computer based on different architecture.
    • thereafter, such parallel computer became unnecessary; sequential computer has been developed much faster, processing even big data.
    • in addition, the Internet itself became a kind of massively processing machine.
    • from now on, it is urged to make an order in a chaotic virtual space.
  • Nursing care robot, particularly dialogue robot need to be designed differently for aged men and women.
  • Top Information perceived by five senses is different between men and women.
    • Some women (around 7%) are known to have tetrachromatic (not trichromatic) cells, who can recognize different perception of 'purple' color in the red zone, or feel sensitive gradation from pinkish to purplish color.
    • Such women can easily recognized delicate change of face color of a baby, or degree of rotting of foods; they had shown quite effective ability in collecting tree nuts or fruits.
    • A woman designer of watch maker could distinguish very pale purplish or greenish anti-reflective coating of a watch; claiming to change it into more transparent it; but men designers were amazed such claim; men could not recognize it.
      • In designing pinkish or purplish color in textile, such difference of perception is usually happened between men and women.
      • It is needed that the final judge of marking regarding color sensitivity should be done by women.
    • Such difference is not confined to the sensitivity of colors; recognizable frequency of sound, sensitivity of olfactory.
      • Younger women (no more than 25 years old single) could show amazing sensitivity; they can splice optical fiber of 1/7 width of a hair.
      • Difference of cognitive range means difference of feeling of comfortableness.
  • Corporate society is basically established by men's brain; aiming to supply uniform quality of goods with minimum cost and earliest delivery to the market.
    • The function of men's brain is just fit for reasonable, efficient, and constant manner of operation; which is the basic structure of capitalism.
    • Even if the top management of this organization is women, who must operate with the type of men's brains.
  • On the other hand, women's brain function to care about every environment around themselves; which is essentially needed to raise children.
    • Women's brain of reproductive age tends to show paranoic behavior, to protect the weakest existence; which is located at antipodes against business-like behavior.
    • The ratio of women's brain is different from the ratio of gender; there are men who have women's brain, or vice versa.
    • In any organization, the diversity is important; women's brain is keen about the the feelings of customers, producers, and other related or non-related matters; these behaviors are important to perform wide-range of services.
    • Any type of brain has no defect; there should be some domain which needs any type of function.
      • Spacial perception is well exerted by men's brain.
      • Writing novels is probably good at women's brain.
      • catchphrases or naming of goods are often promoted by a creator who is rather poor in ordinary communication.; the defect of poor communicative ability could be an advantage.
      • Technicians are often referred as skillful though poor talkers; but it must be that they are skillful because of poor talkers.; so-called defect could be a source of advantage.
  • In company organization, women's brain often demonstrates strength in 1) prediction of troubles, 2) innovative ideas, or 3) appropriate measure for uncertain future.
    • Such abilities of women's brain had not been well utilized in men's brain governing organization.; even after the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, women's brain could not perform well.
  • Difference of men's brain and women's brain:
    • >Top Corpus callosum (CC) (>Fig.)
    • Woman's (as well as homosexual's) carpus callosum is 20% thicker than that of man.; the number of nerve fibers become more, because women's ones are thinner.; communication between the left and right is several or several ten times smoother.
      • this means that right and left brains work more corroboratively; feeling can be quickly changed into words (power of flexibility, or debrouillard).
      • women's brain can instantly symbolize or covert code what they feel.
      • men's brain cannot respond to the trivial changes, but simulates more maniac function using local specialities in the brain; almost neglecting own feeling but does more objective judgement.
      • feeding center and libido center are nearer in women's brain.
      • >Top men produces testosterone, male hormone every morning, which affects to his turf-consciousness; inducing dopamine which creates active curiosity.
      • women secretes estrogen and progesterone, both female hormones, in the menstrual cycle.
    • We see something, which is recognized by excitation of particular neurons.
      • In response to a threshold action of electrical potential, a neurotransmitter (chemical materials) is released; which move across the synapse to be detected by the receptors.
    • In ovulatory phase (secretes estrogen), women's brain signs to take aggressive action in her behavior.
      • >Top homosexual brain has the function of women's type brain (more sensitive) and men's type (more curiosity), which looks like the strongest brain as a human being.; a corporate board including gay directors is said to cause corporate prosperity (diversity inclusion).
      • men's brain is made posteriori by receiving male hormone, testosterone, shower from 6-24 weeks after pregnancy; making thinner corpus callosum.
      • some men have not thinner corpus callosum, showing hybrid brain features; and a part of men having thicker corpus callosum tend to show homosexual.
      • women's brain has basically thicker corpus callosum; if which does not function well in collaborating right and lest brain, such women's brain resemble to men's one. (GID, Gender Identity Disorder; or transgender; or LGBT).
      • there are individual differences in each gender brain.
    • Men's brain requires evaluation of his performance; and women's brain needs words of appreciation.
      • there is a limit of brain capacity; which couldn't contain two type of brain functions, then each different function of brain was made.
      • the problem is one type of brain cannot recognized the difference of the other; men and women are obliged to live together feeling everyday stupidity of the other type of brain.
      • Such difference is important, both functions are need to survive in any environment.
    • >Top Weakness or difficulty or clumsiness could be advantages:
      • the brain of professionals must be attained by posteriori training.
      • innate ability tends to encounter earlier limit of development.

1. 脳には性差がある:

  • olfactory: sense of smell
  • tetrachromat: 4原色認識可能者
  • ovlation: discharge of ova from the ovary.
  • turf consciousness: 縄張り意識
  • 1982: Industrila espionage case happened:
  • 1G: vacuum tube
  • 2G: transister & magnetic memory
  • 3G: IC & LSI
  • 4G: VLSI
  • Tetrachromacy: 4原色の見える女性


  • 1986: Equal Employment Opportunity Law 男女機会均等法



  • 企業社会は男性脳中心に機能
  • 無理・無駄・ムラのない運営=男性脳



  • 女性脳比率は男女比率とは異なる。
  • 女性脳的な男性もいるし、男性脳的な女性もいる。
  • Computational neuroanatomy shown that sex diffrence were clear but confined to certain parts of the corpus callosum.
  • corpuscallosum
  • Brain is composed of 100B neurons.


  • >Top Transgender:
  • ransgenderPrideflag
  • LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender




>Top 2. Amazing women's brain:

  • Features of women's brain:
    • As it has thicker corpus callosum, collaboration of right and left brain is better.
      • Right brain mostly relates to subconscious mind (space recognition and imaging invisible thing), while left brain conscious mind (word or signal manipulation).
      • women's brain shows practical, quick, and considerate response, combining image processing in the right brain and signal coding in the left using thicker corpus callosum.
      • particularly, mother in raising younger children shows amazing performance in such confused and bazarre-like spaces.; they shows enormous capability in shopping or domestic works or handling activities in small community (like PTA, festival, etc.)
  • >Top Manual-1 (Operation Manual to understand women's brain): Hear the story anyway.
    • Here the story, though it may be long and repetitious.
    • Neglect no consistency about the talking; never say "What do you want to say?".
      • there may be a similar or a hint for solution in unrelated story superficially.
      • or this may be a way of releasing stress.
      • women's brain tends to assess the significance just after getting perception, perhaps unconsciously.
      • Usual cliché: "I was just now thinking of it or doing it" or "I have a good intuition".
      • women's brain doesn't miss the subtle changes of their interesting objects.
      • conjecturing or sympathizing is a behavior of affection.
      • proactive services are appreciated, which will be assessed as treasuring.
  • Manual-2: Utilize unique ability of women's brain.
    • Try to use or cultivate women's brain as a valuable player in an organization (company, community and home)
      • proactive services are optional in men's brain; which would be regarded as lack of interest or affection.
      • men's brain is good at habitual or conventional services; going to office and working punctually.
        • women's brain expect sensible or tasteful services from men's brain.
        • Lady first custom is smartly prepared for satisfying this requirement.
  • Manual-3: Never say that you should have told me earlier.
    • Never say "You should have told me it earlier."; this utterance is understood to give up conjecture or kindness to women's brain.
    • Never say "What are you angry at?" "What are you getting at?"
    • The correct response is: "I'm sorry. I couldn't imagine it, or notice it"
      • women's brain should mention clear responsibility to men's brain.
      • Intuition of women's brain is quite sensitive. (like an inflared camera)
  • Manual-4: Never disclose the past failure again.
    • there is no extinctive prescription of women's brain, otherwise the frozen memory would be defrosted and revived.
      • women's brain can utilize instantly the past memories or experiences to respond the present situation; which is indispensable ability of taking care of children.
      • women' brain grows larger in knowledge or remedies capacity as time goes by.
        • increase of the experiences deepens confidence.
        • consequently women' age corresponds to frequency of unwavering answers, such as finding out essential and reliable answer in confused or messy situation.
        • women's brain tends to underestimate advice of younger women's brain.
    • Output ability of brains maximizes since around middle of fifties; while input ability deteriorates since then.
  • Manual-5: Flash-back all memories with emotional tag.
    • When women's brain brings up men's past insensitive comments or behaviors, which had been solved or settled longtime ago, it is best to simply apologize it without felling irritated.
    • women's brain can vividly recall men's insensitive comment, together with already settled all past similar ones.
    • women's brain retain the past memories attached with each emotional episode.
  • Menual-6: Endure fierce angry.
    • in case the women's brain became fiercely angry, stay like an abandoned dog, without counterattacking with logical brain.
  • >Top Manual-6: Question having no answer, or Taboo words:
    • Never reply to the question one cannot answer; e.g. "Which is more important your job or myself?"
    • The best answer could be, "I'm sorry to have you answer such a sorrowful question."
  • Manual-7: No meaningless chattering.
    • women's brain has interest in sympathetic personal feeling or perception, not in the generalized knowledge or erudition; which men's brain considers as a gossip or tittle-tattle.
      • exchange of meaningless chattering is a process of accumulating tip of better and safer life.
      • women's brain can recall all part experiences almost instantly (in 0.6 seconds)
      • women's brain feels sympathetic to repetitious response; simple AI is made to repeat to the question using similar words; such as "Q: I've a fever since last night", "A: I'm sorry to hear you have a fever since last night, haven't you?", or "Q: I need such data as AAA", "A: I see, you need such data as AAA, don't you?"
      • Higgs boson: just like a large number of fans waiting around the star, making a gravity around it.
  • Manual-8: process first.
    • Endure to hear the process to a certain level; also teach her the conclusion first.
  • Manual-9: Never mention a partial failure in a success story.
    • Even a tiny failure may destroy a series of process story; which is unendurable for a process first brain.
    • But, mentioning a partial failure has no problem in a unsuccessful story; which may be good lessons for the future.
    • women's boss tends to reiterate cause of failures in unsuccessful story; her brain is more tough, while men's brain is more naive to be often repeated in unsuccessful stories.
  • Manual-10: Praise past efforts and contribution.
    • women's brain tends to repeat the past process; when the brain receives a particular praise.
  • Manual-11: Sometimes present a surprising expression, like a diamond.
    • it has been 30 years since I eat the soup you made.
    • such a surprising word may cause unexpected euphoria.
  • Manual-12: Alternatives are not needed, only one recommendation is enough.
    • men's brains compares among multiple alternatives; plan-A, plan-B, plan-C, etc.
    • women's brains requires the finally recommendable plan which particularly resonate her taste.
  • >Top Manual-13: Women's tear is a sweat of her heart.
    • weeping is a reaction of stress; tear contain a kind of intracerebral narcotics, called leucine enkephalin.
    • weeping is effective by different causes, such as by watching tragedy drama, etc.

2: 恐るべき女性脳:

  • 女性脳の特徴:
    • 太くて効率的な脳梁
    • 実践・迅速・配慮する脳
    • 産み育てる性としての役割




  • 女性脳トリセツ:
    1. まず話を聞く
    2. 女性脳の能力を有効活用
    3. それを言ったらおしまい
    4. 過去の失敗を言わない
    5. 全記憶が感情タグ付きで保存
    6. 激しい怒りへの対策
    7. 意味のないおしゃべり対策
    8. プロセス重視
    9. 成功話の中の失敗談語るな
    10. 過去の努力・貢献を褒めよ
    11. ダイヤモンドのような一言を
    12. 多数の代案は不要
    13. 女の涙は心の汗



































  • Crying secretes: Leucine enkephalin
>Top <Sample> Operation Manual of Washing Machine
Category Instruction Remarks
Machine Name Model name
  • Please carefully read this instruction manual to ensure correct use of the machine. Keep it for future reference.
  • Features: Large pulsator; Large spin dryer basket; dewatering
Operation panel Power switch
  • Press once for power ON or press again for power OFF.
  • After washing, set it to OFF position
Wash timer
  • If set shorter time, turn the control beyond 5-min, then turn it back.
Wash mode/drain
  • Select either water current, wash mode or drain.
Spin timer
  • High speed spinning
Other functions Washing tub
  • Laundry load up to 8kg

Water supply inlet

  • Excess water indicator; Overflow filter; Drain filter
General indications (Pictographs in the manual)
  • warning and precautions must be noticed.
  • prohibited actions must not be performed
  • procedure must be followed
Installation Location
  • Don't install in a bathroom or outside.; Set the washer in a dry place.
  • Set on horizontal surface.
  • Use a single socket at 10A or more; apply the specified voltage.
  • Earth the washer.
  • Don't pull out the plug with wet hands.
  • Don't use the unit when the power cord or plug is damaged.
  • Connect the water supply joint with a water supply hose.
Drain hose
  • Insert the water drain hose on the water outlet and fix it with the hose band to avoid water leakage.
  • Never put any of the explosive items.
  • Don't place any heavy objects on the washing machine.
  • Human care
  • Keep children away form the washer. Don't place a stand near washing machine.
  • Don't place your hand or foot underneath the washing machine.
  • Items to be washed
  • Don't wash or spin the water proof sheet, rain coat, etc.
  • Reference guide for washing
Laundry type Washing time Wash mode/drain Water temperature
Ordinary clothes (underwear) 7 min. Normal Cold
Delicate clothes (wool, thin synthetic fiber) 2-5 min. Soft Warm (25-30ºC)
  • In winter or in summer
  • If freezing occur, pour warm water 40ºC into the washing tub and leave it for a while.
  • In summer, the floor may get wet due to dewdrops.
  • Detergent quantity
Water amount 30L 25g (concentrated) 40g (normal)  
  • Washing procedure
  1. Put laundry into the washing tub.
  2. Set the Wash Mode/Drain to NORAML or SOFT.
  3. Set water inlet selector to WASH position.
  4. Pool rinse with pool water kept in the tub; or Extra rinse for complete rinse by overflowing water.; If you wish to remove bubbles after each rinsing, perform extra rinsing in SOFT mode for 1 min. or so.
  5. It saves water to wash clothes in the same water that was use for rinsing.
  6. Put the laundry into the spin dryer basket and start spin-drying. (Reference: cotton underwear 2-4 min.
  • Hints for effective washing
  • Observe the instructions given on the clothes tag.
  • Turn a wool garment inside out before washing, to prevent tangling.
  • Put the easily damaged laundry items in a washing net before washing.
  • Remove foreign materials (pin, coin, pen, etc.) from the pockets of laundry before washing.
  • Remove dirt or sand before washing; dip them in soapy water in advance.
  • Secure strings and close fasteners.
  • Put a bulky laundry (sheet or jeans) first into the washing tub to rotate smoothly.
  • Careful operation
  • Adjust the water pressure properly.
  • Don't put hands into the spin dryer basket when spinning
  • Place the inner cover in the spin dryer basket correctly.
  • Never touch the laundry in the spin dryer basket until full stop.
  • Cleaning machine
  • Pull the overflow filter and remove waste threads, using a toothbrush, etc. to clean the inner hose.
  • Remove the overflow filter, the screw, then pull the knob to remove the drain filter, then remove lint.
  • Set the Wash Mode/Drain to Drain. Remove lint on the drain valve, and remove sand and dirt form the drain hole; Scrub with a tooth brush.
  • Repairing
  • Don't disassemble, repair or modify other than repair technician.
  • Other safety precautions
  • Take proper care after using the water machine.
  • Pull out the power plug from the washing machine for longer absence.
  • Check points before calling for service.
  • Is the fuse is blown?
  • Is poor the connection to the power supply plug?
  • Is excessive amount of Landry put in the washing tub?
  • Is laundry spread evenly inside the spin dryer basket?
  • Is the drain port is closed with laundry falling out of the tub or basket?
  • Are there bubbles all around the spin dryer basket?
  • Is the water drain hose raised in the halfway?
  • Is the drain valve or outlet clogged with lint, dirt?
  • Is the drain hose crushed or damaged?

>Top 3. Pathetic men's brain:

  • Men's brain often hurt, displease, and antagonize women's one.
    • Women's brain should understand, forgive and even love the men's brain.
    • Men's brain is particularly designed to have specialised 1) sense of justice or adventure spirit, 2) height of objectivity, 3) interest to science and technology.
    • If such men's brain is suppressed by women's brain as desired, men's brain lose its unique features.
    • Women's brain should understand and accept the men's brain as it is.
  • As corpus callosum is thinner, men's brain can work its independent and consistent functions, such as to accomplish sublime work, to go anywhere, to fight until death, and to continue constant operation, or making a magnificent city or produce precise machinery.
  • >Top Manual-1 (Operation Manual to understand men's brain): Charity is optional
    • sense of charitable consideration is an optional.
    • the custom of lady first is acquired by men's brain as a posteriori rule.
  • Manual-2: Fairness & Neutrality
    • men's brain is indifferent to non-interested affairs.
    • men's brain more concerns about more different affairs than nearer ones.
    • straight request or clear instruction from women's brain is efficient.
    • men's brain is basically quite fair, prioritizing public matters than private ones; showing no favoritism.
  • Manual-3: Affection is relative
    • never increase priority due to affection.
  • Manual-4: Freedom to select
    • only one proposal to men's brain is ineffective.; camouflage multiple selection including dummy proposals.
    • wasteful word: ”why don't you understand me?”
  • Manual-5: Space recognition
    • recognition of 3D image is virtually made by the brain.
    • zone out or space out time is needed for a while to analyze or review spacial relationship or structure.
  • Manual-6: >Top Cannot understand casalinga (housewife).
    • explain the function of casalinga; including management of tools & equipment, and cycle of operation & maintenance.
    • men's brain recognizes one-third at most of the volume and function of casalinga.
      • when men's brain feels to share evenly the casalinga, it is about one-sixth.
  • Manual-7: Avoid rambling talks.
    • dislike to hear rambling talk.
    • women's brain considers about 20,000 words a day; unless she talked less than 6,000, she would be frustrated.
  • Manual-8: Conclusion first
    • talk the conclusion first, stating the number of reasons, "there are three points or reasons for it."
  • Manual-9: Focus on moving target.
    • men's brain had evolved in the hunting ear; grasping spacial positioning and environment during walking & searching.
    • now we got maps, signs, and GPS, but the space itself is also extended.
    • women's brain focusses subtle changes of resting things in front of the eyes, while men's brain recognizes moving or approaching matters or risks in the distance.
    • respect rules and orders, or even name card as a symbol of an organization; like black-tie at the formal party.
  • Manual-10: Respect the order:
    • routine order or seniority is important, which increases mutual confidence.
  • Manual-11: Respect (nominally) husband
    • regard husband as a super elder brother.
    • men's brain couldn't respect husband who is not respected by wife.
  • Manual-12: Set up and confirm KPI & KGI
    • have daily and weekly check; and clarify start and end of the project (kick-off meeting and completion party
  • Manual-13: Sympathy of comrade through mission accomplishment
    • different approach and selection of both brains for future reproduction.
    • schedule or road map of lifelong mission.
    • effective phrases: thank you, magnificent, splendid, inspiring, as expected ...

3. 切ない男性脳:

  • 男性脳: トリセツ
    1. 思いやりはオプション
    2. 公平・中立
    3. 愛情は相対的
    4. 選択の自由
    5. 空間認識
    6. 家事は理解しない
    7. 無駄話は避ける
    8. 第一に結論
    9. 動体に着目
    10. 秩序重視
    11. 形式的尊敬
    12. KPIとKGI設定
    13. 任務完了を通じた同志感









  • KPI=Key Process Indicator
    KGI=Key Goal Indicatior





>Top 4. Change of aging brain:

  • >Top middle of 50s: associating brain:
    • the most intelligent brain of men and women:
    • peak of associative memory:
      • Number of neurons: several ten billion in cerebrum and one hundred billion in cerebellum; total around 150 billion neurons in our brain.
      • Associative memory is the ability to learn and remember the relationship of unrelated things; which is located in the medial temporal lobe.
      • experience events (similar events) are easier to be recognized.
      • but input ability deteriorates; new worldview is rather difficult to adopt.
  • >Top 15-28 years: storing brain:
    • maximum input ability in simple memory.
      • DB of brain completes by 15 years old.
      • Combination of HW and SW of the brain is still unmatched in 13-14 years old brain.
  • >Top 30 years old: confusing brain, sometimes wants to try fails.
    • ability of the brain become saturated, and slow in action.
      • the brain images various alternatives in decision, sometimes goes astray.
      • accumulating various failure cases or lessons.
  • 40 years old: a lapse of memory brain
    • the brain attenuated unnecessary nervous network.
      • this is not aging, but a kind of development.
      • a decade of tracing success stories, strengthening essential nervous network.
      • particularly 48-51 years old; better to have reliable partners (outside brains), not too much depending on own intuitive power.
      • 49 years old is the peak age of suicide or sudden death.
  • >Top 60 years old: enjoy knowing brain
    • the brain enjoy in knowing various things through travelling, reading, and hobbies.
  • >Top 70 years old onwards: shrinking of thought space.
    • thought space corresponds to the physical space; should walk around actively.
      • memory loss occurs in proper nouns, not in common nouns.
      • gradually, beginning to lose memory of unnecessary common nouns.
      • lastly warmth or affection of surrounding people remains, and losing things as in reverse order of the baby's memory.
  • the last moment:
    • After dehydrated, glucose could not be supplied to the brain; then brain hormone is secreted to relax the tension of nerves, releasing the pain or fear any more; the brain knows the last day will come.

4. 年齢脳の変化:

  • 脳の進化:
  • 15-28歳:
    • 優秀な入力装置
    • 単純記憶力ピーク
    • 13-14歳はHWとSWの不整合
  • 30代:
    • 混乱する脳
    • 失敗志望
  • 40代:
    • 一時的物忘れ脳
    • 物忘れば脳の進化形態
    • 49歳は自殺・突然死の頂点
  • 50代半ば: 連想記憶力ピーク
    • 優秀な出力装置
  • 60代:
    • 知を楽しむ年代
  • 70代:
    • 活動する物理空間が減少すると
    • 健康維持が重要

  • 最期の時:
    • 忘却の順序: 固有名詞→不必要な普通名詞→その他の普通名詞
    • 新生児の記憶獲得の逆順での忘却
    • 脱水症状→ブドウ糖未到達→脳内ホルモン分泌→痛み・恐怖感からの解放
    • 脳自身が最期の時を認識


  • There four brains model of Ned Hermman, 1996; I wonder either 1) the men's brain correspond to Left brain of the limbic system, and the women's brain to Right brain of it; or 2) the men's and women's brain can be explained to have different function, as the women's brain functions as an unified efficient corpus callosum, and the men's one functions independently and dispersively in the extended (virtual) world.
  • In the former case, we need to manipulate four brains, while in the latter case, six brains.
  • Anyway we must manage to operate our internal parliament composed of 4 or 6 different independent small parties, or as a married couple, 8 or 12 ones in home management. Smart ability of political savvy is urged.
  • Ned Hermannによる4つの大脳モデルがあるが、以下いずかになるのか疑問がある。1) 男性脳が辺縁系左脳に、また女性脳が辺縁系右脳に対応するのか、それとも、2) 男性脳と女性脳は全く別の機能を持ち、女性脳は効率的な脳梁を通じて統一脳として機能し、男性脳は、それぞれ独立的・分散的に拡張されたバーチャル世界での機能を重視するということなのか?
  • 前者の場合は、我々は4つの脳を、後者の場合は6つ脳を操る必要があることになる。
  • ともかく4〜6の独立小政党からなる内部議会を運営しなければならず、結婚していれば、家庭運営のためには8〜12の小政党ということになる。賢明な政治手腕が求められる。

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