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Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa: aiming Global Hi-tech Islands

Category: ICT
Published: 2015

Kanzo Kobayashi

up 15217
; Aquarium ; Cabinet Office ; Ginoza Server Farm ; Haebaru Town ; IIOT ; Ishigaki City ; IT Shinryo Park ; JAMSTEC ; KBC ; MIC-Okinawa ; Miyakojima City ; Miyakojima-Kurimajima ; Museum ; Nanjo City ; NDA ; NICT ; OCC ; OIST ; Okinawa Industrial ; Okinawa Economic ; Okinawa Police ; Okinawa Prefecture ; ONCT ; Peace Memorial ; Shuri Castle ; Special Economic Zone ; SWOT of Okinawa ;
  • Okinawa Prefecture is changing now, using ICT technology as a leverage: There are lots of noteworthy places to visit from viewpoints of ICT utilization.
  • JICA-Okinawa held a curriculum for youth invited from various overseas to study and show the interesting spots in Okinawa to find new hi-tech Okinawa Islands. Followings are the places where the study groups have visited respectively from Oct. 2014 through Feb. 2015. The participants were young leaders of mostly governmental offices from 1) Pacific islands seven countries, 2) from Turkey, and 3) from Malaysia.
  • I do hope these memo would be some help to remember the program in Okinawa.

>Top <A>:


>Top <Aquarium>: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium:

  • Location: Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
  • Renovated on 1 Nov. 2002, with built area 10K sq.m and total fllor 19K sq.m, and with total water quantity 10K cu.m.
  • Facilities of the Aquarium:
    • Water tanks: A kaleidoscopic variety of fish swim in a large tank of 8.5m whale shark and manta rays.
      (Kuroshio Sea tank 7.5K cu.m, and other tanks, totalling 77. Whale sharks
    • Water system: intaken (and circulated) from 20m deep, 300m offshore 1.8m thick pipe with the rate of 3K cu.m/hr.
    • Intake water filter; 3.2m diameter made by polyester fiber.
    • Ciruclating water filter; 62 filter units of 2.8-3m diameter usinng silicate sand as filter material.
    • Large acrylic windows is 8.2m high, 22.5 deep, 60cm think.
    • The displays are composed of; 1) living coral reefs exhibit , 2) warm Kuroshio current exhibit, and 3) deep sea exhibit near Ryukyu Island (200-700m deep).
  • All fish displays are taken at Okinawa sea.
  • 'Churaumi' mean 'beautiful sea' in Okinawa dialect.

沖縄美ら海水族館: 5113t




>Top <B>:


>Top <C>:


>Top Cabinet Office - Okinawa General Bureau

  • Budget for Okinawa Development in fY2014:
    • ¥350.1B
    • Major items: Lump sum subsidy ¥175.9B; Naha A/P runaway ¥33B; OIST ¥19.8B
  • METI policies:
    • Proper measures for info. security
    • Cloud usage in island region
    • National forum for embedded SW in Okinawa
    • Discovery tours of Okinawa potentials in ICT industries.

内閣府沖縄総合事務所: 5029m



>Top <D>:


>Top <E>:


>Top <F>:


>Top <G>:


>Top <Ginoza Server Farm> Ginza Village IT Operation Park

  • Ginoza Server Farm:
    • Area: 3.9K sq.m; Built area; 6.6K sq.m; RC (B2 - 1F)
    • Quake-absorbing structure up to the sesmic scale 7.
    • Gas turbine self-generator (2000 KVA x 2)
    • UPS at server farm (400 KVA x 4) and second server farm (100 KVA x 2)
    • 3 layers security: 1) Visitor check at the gate of the area, 2) IC card check at the entrance door of the building, and 3) IC card check at each tennant door.
    • Terrace lobby & cafeteria for relaxation (with no TV set).
    • Subsidy for telecom cost: 200Mbps + # of employee × 10Mbps
  • xxxLexues Inc.

宜野座サーバーファーム: 5206m





>Top <H>:


>Top <Haebaru Town Office>:

  • Haebaru is located in southen Okinawa mainland, which is the only town not open to the sea.
  • Haebaru town is disadvantageous to tourists who expect beautiful seashore compared with other resort areas in Okinawa.
  • Public WiFi Hotspots: in FY2014 covering almost all area in the town:

南風原町市役所: 5119t



>Top < I >:

< I >:

>Top <IIOT>

  • IIOT Foundation in IT Shinryo Park:
  • For SW testing cost reduction and efficiency; Testing Eco-System is required.
  • <→Fig>
    Customer: 25; NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, SONY, Samsung, NTTData, Toyota, etc.
  • Member Companies (Membership fee for requirement): 22; GIOT, YRP-IOT, KDDI, OMRON, U-Mark, etc.
  • IIOT: Global Testing Eco-System: Japanese market coverage 100%, 272 models, 798 sets, 249 SIMs
    • I/O Equipment
    • Smart TV, Blue-ray market coverage 90%
    • Navigation 19 models; interoperability with smart device
    • HEMS Equipment 15 models
  • Various testing tools:
    • Manual testing; Remote testing; Automated testing





>Top <Ishigaki City Office>

石垣市役所: 4y05p


>Top <IT Shinryo Park> OITSP

  • Location: about 60 min. by car via Pref. Rd-#36
  • Area: about 20 ha
  • IT Shinryo Park - Rental scheme:
  • ITshinryopark_rental scheme
  • Tenant companies (as of 2014):
    • Core Function Support Facility:
      • Okinawa SW Center; Okinawa Cross Head; Lexues; Core function facility: 8 companies; Fujitsu Learning Media Okinawa; TransCosmos; Arx; Open Laboratory; Digital Design Service; Kids Cecil;
    • Site Promotion Center:
      • Glovalex Okinawa; Ryukyu Kokusai Kogyo; DigitalVision; Okinawa Digital Vision
    • Asia IT Training Center:
      • Okinawa SW Center; Okinawa Cross Head; Digital Design Service; Plus Knowledge; Knowledge Edge
    • ICT Test Bed Facility:
      • IIOT; GIOT; Cats; Plus Knowledge
    • Corporate Cluster Facility:
      • Dinos Cecile Comm; NTT Data; Japan Info Processing Service
  • Incentives:

IT 津梁パーク: 5113t; 5205m





>Top <J>:


>Top <JAMSTEC>: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology

  • Shinkai-6500:
    • a manned submersible made in 2012 which can dive up to 6,500m, to study seafloor topography, geology, and deep-sea organisms in the ocean; dived 1300 times in 2012.
      • accommodate 2 pilots and 1 researcher in 2m diameter pressure hull endurable at 6500m deep (681 atms).
      • Buoyant material: must be less dense than seawater, withstanding high pressure.
      • Hollow glass view port made of methacrylate resin.
    • Deep-sea ecosystems will clarify the origins and evolutionary process of living organisms.
      • It records tidal currents, sediments on the seafloor, hydrothermal activity, and global environmental changes.
    • Oegopsina (Architeuthis dux): huge squid; around 7 -10 m length, with big eye of 30 cm in diameter.
  • GODAC (Global Oceanographic DAta Center):
    • digital archives of deep-sea images taken by manned submersibles and remotely-poerated vehicles.

8. 海洋研究開発機構:


  • 国際海洋環境情報センター



>Top <K>:


>Top <KBC Vocational School>

  • KBC School:
    • #of schools in Okinawa: 8 schools
    • # of students: 2,000
    • # of teachers: 250
  • International Electronics Business Vocational School:
    • # of students: 400
    • # of teachers: 32
  • Info. Specialty Faculty: 3-year/4-year courses
    • Apr. - Oct.: classroom lecture
    • Oct.: to challenge "Info. Tech Engineer Exam"
    • Nov.: lectures of specific component technology
    • Other subject: Accounting, English
  • Acronym:
    • SSCP: Systems Security Certified Practitioner
    • CCSSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
    • CISM: Certified Information Security Manager
    • CAIS: Certified Auditor of Information Security
    • CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor
    • ISMS: Information Security Management System
    • (ISC)2: International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

KBC: 5206m


  • 学校法人KBC学園
  • 国際電子ビジネス専門学校


>Top <L>:


>Top <M>:


>Top <MIC>: Okinawa Office of Telecommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications:

  • Visited Okinawa Office of Telecommunications, MIC on Nov.7, 2014:
    • e-Japan Strategy: Jan. 2001
    • e-Japan Strategy: Jul. 2003
    • IT New Reform Strategy: Jan. 2006
    • Declaration of creation of the most advance IT nation in the world: Jun. 2013-
  • Household coverage rate of service area:
    • Broadband is classified: FTTH, Cable Internet, FWA(Fixed Wireless Access), BWA(Broadband Wireless Access), Satellite communication, LTE(Long-Term Evolution), 3.5G
    • Ultra high-speed broadband: 30Mbps or more
    • End of Mar. 2014:
      • Broadband: Rate of development is 100% (55.57M HH), while rate of use is about 65.3%.
      • Ultra high-speed broadband: 99.9% (55.53M HH), while rate of use is about 51.2%.
    • Fixed line: FTTH exceeded DSL on Jun. 2008, now occupying 2/3 of the fixed line.
    • Mobile: Subscriber of LTE on Mar. 2014 has increase dramatically 2.3x compared with the previous year.
    • Unavailability of ultra high-speed broadband:
      • In rural area: ultra high-speed broadband is unavailable in some areas.
      • In remote islands: Ultra high-speed broadband is unavailable in remote island. Submarine cable is expensive.
  • DEURAS (DEtect Unlicensed Radio Stations) ; Radio Monitoring System
    • DEURAS-D (Direction finder): measures 25MHz to 3GHz; covering digital cell phones, digital MCAs, and PHS.
    • DEURAS-R (Receiver); measures 25MHz and 2 or 3 GHz.
    • DEURAS-M (Mobile); with GPS, it can move anywhere; measures 25MHz to 2GHz and detects illegal radio sources.
    • DEURAS H (HF Direction Finder); measures 300kHz to 30MHz, low frequency bands used in navigation for ships to high frequency used international broadcast. Japan continues "international monitoring" required by the international community.

<総務省>: 5209


  • 総務省沖縄総合通信事務所
  • DEURAS Antenna:


>Top Miyakojima City Office

  • Miyakojima City Office:
    met with mayor of Miyakojima City, which was reported on Miyakojima TV and following Newspapers in Miyakojima: <→Clip of Miyakojima Shimpo>
  • Miyakojima: Population about 55K; Area 205 sq.km; Temperature; av. 23.3ºC.
  • Agriculture: prudcing 40% of sugarcane in Okinawa prefecture.
  • Irrigation underground dam: completed in 2000.
  • Mikojima Eco-Island: aiming to supply all energy by renewable energy (solarPV, Wind, battery, and DR)
  • Bio Ethanol Pilot Plant:
  • miyakojima_pilotplant

宮古島市役所; 4y04p; 5115t;




>Top Miyakojima-Kurimajima:

宮古島〜来間島: 5116t



>Top <Museum>: Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum:

  • The Bell of bringes connecting all countries (万国津梁の鐘): 155cm H, 93cm W, 721kb weight; nominated as the important cultral property in 1978.
  • bankoku_shinryo_bell
  • The bell was made in 1458 by Rykyu King Sho-Taikyu; where the epigraph states, "respecting Korean splendid culture, regarding China as the upper & lower jaws relationship, and regarding Japan as the lips & teeth. Ryukyu is the land of eternal youth in the south sea between China and Japan, pursuing trade as means of bridging all nations."

沖縄県立博物館・美術館: 4y02p



>Top <N>:


>Top <Nanjo City Office>:

  • Located 12km east of Naha city; heart-shaped area is 4sq.km; composed of 1 city and 3 villages; north-east-south of which are faced to seashore.
  • Blessed with lots of historical heritages:
  • 'Kudakajima' 5km of east of Chinen peninsula is regarded as God's island since Ryukyu Dynasty.
  • nanjocity_historicspot

南城市役所: 5114t




>Top <NDA>: Nago Development Authority:

  • Nago City: located middle of Okinawa Island, with 60K population.
  • G8 Summit in 2000 was held in this city.
  • Summary of SEZ in Nago City: "Special Zone for Economic & Financial Activation"
    • Target of industries: ICT, Tourism, Agriculture & Marine, Manufacturing
  • Incentives (either of the following ①, ②, or ③)
    • ① Income Tax: 40% exemption; subject to office in the zone, established after Apr. 10, 2014, hiring not less than 5 permanent staff in the zone.
    • ② Investment: Tax exemption, 15% in machines/facilities, and 8% of buildings in the zone.
    • ③ Special depreciation: 50% in machines/facilities, and 25% of buildings in the zone.
    • ④ Engel Tax in acquiring equity of SMB designated by the governor.
    • ⑤ Other tax incentives of such as business tax, real estate acquisition tax, fixed assets tax.
  • Problems to be solved:
    • Preparation of site: job environment, life environment, infrastructure, local attractiveness
    • HRD: career education, recruitment support, publication
    • Promotion system: community creation

沖縄名護市の"経済金融活性化特別地区: 4y10p; 5206m


  • NDA Trading Room (Miraikan-3):NDA_tradingroom
  • NDA Multimedia Building:
  • NDA_multimedia

>Top <NICT>: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology:

  • Organization:
    • President: Dr. Masao Sakkauchi (Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo)
    • HQ: Koganei City, Tokyo
    • Regional Centers:
      • Yokosuka: Wireless NW Research Institute
      • Kyoto: Universal Communication Research Institute
      • Hyogo: Advanced ICT Research Institute
      • Tokyo: NW Testbed R&D
      • Osaka: Information and Neural networks Center
      • Sendai: Resilient ICT Research Center
      • Kashima: Space Technology Center
      • Ishikawa: StarBED Technology Center
      • Okinawa: Electromagnetic Technology Center: Onnason, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
  • Main function of Okinawa Electromagnetic Technology Center:
    • Three types of radio sensors; to investigate mechanisms of interaction between ocean and atmosphere, which affects global scale climate including global warning.
    • Okinawa center is located in the maritime subtropical climate zone.
    • 1) The Long-Range Ocean Radar System: Ishigaki Island and Yonaguni Island in Okinawa; also observes the Kuroshio current in the East China Sea.
    • 2) Ogimi 400MHz Wind Profiler: This is an experimental observation facility for atmospheric remote sensors.
    • 3) Phased Array RADAR:
      NICT, Osaka University, and Toshiba Crop. developed Phased Array Radar to observe rains and tornados. This can observe 3D structure of rainfall every 10 seconds with a resolution of 100m, using X-band (9GHz). The receiving antenna consists of 128 slot antennas.

情報通信研究機構: 4y06p;



NICT location
NICT radar



>Top <O>:


>Top <OCC> OCC Corporation:

  • Established: Oct. 1966 as "Okinawa Electronic Calculation Center, Inc."
  • Office (Hq.): 2-17-1 Takushi, Urasoe, Okinawa: TEL 098-876-1171
  • Branch Office: Tokyo; Naha; North Branch; Yaeyama Branchi; Miyako Branch
  • Affiliated Co.: Data Service Okinawa, Inc.
  • Paid in Capital: ¥48.8M, Authorized Capital ¥195M
  • Representative: Susume Ameku, President & CEO
  • Renamed to "OCC, Inc." in 1986
  • # of employee: 615
  • Business description:
    • System Integration (Consulting/SW development); Cloud Service (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS); Internet Data Center Service (Operation/Housing/Hosting/DPS); Disaster Recovery Service (Data Backup/Replication); Network Solution (WAN/LAN/Internet); Security Solution (Leakage Prevention/Illegal Access/Virus Prevention); Contact Center Service (Help Desk/Call Center); Maintenance Service (HW/SW/NW); Internet Related Service (HP/ISP); Data Entry Service (Image/Text/OCR/OMR; Computer Device & Supply Marketing;
  • Certification, Accreditation, & Notification:
    • ISO27001 (ISMS)
    • JISQ15001 (Privacy Mark)
    • ISO9000 (Quality Management System)
    • ISO14001 (Environment Management System)
  • Facial Recognition System: "NeoFace Monitor"
    • Awarded by NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology): MBGC/MBE/FRVT
      • Accuracy No.1 (about 97%); and Speed 1.6M pic/0.4sec (→Fig)
    • Multi positioning/Positioning of characteristic parts/Space Perturbation Method (3D model)
  • Data Center Service/DPS
  • Case: Tourist Information (AR, etc.) of Haebaru Town

<株式会社OCC>: 4y06p; 5204m



  • History of OCC is that of computer in Okinawa.
  • 60th anniversary in 2014


>Top <Okinawa Industrial Development Public Corp.>

  • Unconference with various business persons and Malaysian trainees.
  • Considering about global exchange of culture and business:
    1. Business point of view:
    2. Food issue:
    3. Tourism: (including second life stay)

沖縄県産業振興公社: 5207m



>Top <OIST>: Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology:

  • Established on Sept.1, 2005; based on Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation Act.
    • Official name: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation
    • actually started form Sep. 2012, the first 34 graduate students (including 5 Japanese) entered.
    • all lectures are done in English.
    • aimed to conduct outstanding international research & education in science & technology, in particular, 1) Neuroscience (NS), 2) Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology (MCDB), 3) Environmental & Ecological Science (EES), 4) Mathematical & Computational Science (MCS), and 5) Physics & Chemistry (P&C) across disciplinary boundaries.
    • Major disciplinary researches are done among P&C, MCDB, and NS.
    • President/CEO: Dr. Jonathan Dorfan (Physicist & Director Emeritus of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
  • Location:
    • Onnason, Kunigamigun, Okinawa Prefecture; total area 220ha (2.2M sq.km) with 80ha of main campus.
  • Scientific Productivity:
    • In 2013, 548 conference presentations, 174 submission to Journals &/or books and 14 patents (pending).
  • Industrial collaboration:
    • 41 with drug industry, 15 with environment industry, 11 with financial industry, and 8 with biotechnology industry.
  • # of Staff:
    • Total # of staff 625
    • # of Researchers (Professors) 50; scheduled to increase around 300
  • # of Visitors:
    • 39,984 in FY2013, and 21,475 in FY 2012.
  • Budget (FY2014) etc.:
    • Status: Private Institute
    • ¥19.8B (FY2014); Governor of Okinawa require the constant budget for OIST over ¥20B onwards.

沖縄科学技術大学院: 4y06p; 5205m


  • 学校法人
    大学学園 (OIST):
  • Campus view:

oist view


>Top <Okinawa Economic Development>:

  • Location of Okinawa: as the gateway to Asian Countries: (→Fig)
  • Planned Development of Okinawa Economy: totalling $200M (from 1st to 4th Development Plan)
  • Oki economy development

4. 沖縄経済振興: 4y03p; 5110t; 5131m

  • 沖縄の地理的特徴
  • 経済開発:
    • 第1次〜5次沖縄振興開発計画

Oki location

>Top <Okinawa Police> Okinwa Police Hq.

  • Countermeasures against cybercrime by Okinawa Prefectural Police:
    • Special Investigation Team and Control Team
  • Trend of arrested cybercrimes: in Japan 8113; in Okinawa 118 (as of 2013)
  • Relation of # of known criminal cases and # of arrested cybercrimes; <→Fig>
    • Decreasing # of know criminal cases, while increasing of # of arrested cybercrimes.
  • Kinds of arrested cybercrimes: Fraud 40.7%; Child porno/prost 9.3%; Breach of youth protection rules 9.3%
  • Situation of arrested cases of cybercrimes (All Japan; 8113, 2013)
    • Online cybercrimes 6,655; Illegal access 980; and Illegal digital copy 478
  • Damaged amount of illegal remittance by Internet Banking:
    • ¥1,406M in 2013; ¥1,852 in up to Jun./2014
    • ¥12M in Okinawa in 2013; ¥18M in up to Jun./2014
  • Notification of illegal & harmful information of Internet:
    • http://www.internethotline.jp/index-en.html
    • Operation of Internet Hotline: # of notices 130,720 in 2013.

沖縄県警: 5209m



>Top <Okinawa Prefecture City Hall>

  • Income of Okinawa Pref:
    • Total ¥712B: National expenditure ¥241B; Allocation to local gov ¥209B; Local tax ¥105B; Local bond ¥179B)
  • Development of ICT industries in Okinawa:
  • okinawa_ictindustry
  • Industry Promotion, Tourism, Commerce & Industry of Okinwa:
    • Overseas office; in Taipei, HK, Shnahai, Fuzhou

沖縄県庁: 4y07p




>Top <ONCT>: Okinawa National College of Technology)

  • Founded on Oct.5, 2002 as the 55gth national college of technology in Nago City.
  • College of Technology = Senior High School + First half (2 years) of university course= usually 15 - 20 year-old.
    • entitled to enter into 3rd year of a university.
    • Advance Course: to continue to cover the second half of university course (BA).
  • Specialities in Departments:
    • Mechanical System engineering
    • Information & Communication Systems Engineering
    • Media Information Engineering
    • Biological Resources Engineering
  • Admission capacity:
    • 40 in each department, totalling 160:
    • Composed of approximately: 150 from Okinawa Prefecture
  • The Mission:
    • Practical technical training to be more creative engineer.
    • Prize won in ROBOCON (robot contest), Programming Contents.
    • Extra curricular activities, sports and international exchanges through dormitory duties.

国立沖縄工業高等専門学校: 4y10p



>Top <P>:


>Top <Peace Memorial Park>:

  • Great Air raid (1944/10/10)
    • Japan militrary force, 116K vs. US military forces
    • "Tyhoon of steel"
  • Land warefare in Okinawa 82 days (1945/3/26 -6/23); one of the bloodest proracted war in Japan.
    • Landed in Kerama Islands (3/26)
    • Landed in Iejima Islands (4/16)
    • Occupied Shuri Hq. (5/31)
    • Simon Buckner, Jr, US commander dead (6/18)
    • Mitsuru Ushijima, Lt. General, committed suicide (6/23)
    • End of organized battle (1945/6/25)
  • Victims of Okinawa battle:
  • okinawbattle_victim

平和記念公園: 4y02p; 5201m



>Top <Q>:


>Top <R>:


>Top <S>:


>Top <Shuri Castle>

  • 1421- 1879: Ryukyu (Liú qiú) Dynasty; Sho Hashi (Shàng Bāzhì, 1429-39) built Shuri Castle and the town as his capital. Ryukyu was recognized by Ming Dynasty as the rightful king; who had paid tribute to China for hundred of years.
  • 1609: Satsuma conquers Ryukyu, which became a vassal of Japan.
  • 1879: Japan replaced Ryukyu han with Okinawa Prefecture. (Sho Tai, Shàng Tài, the last King)
  • 1945: Shuri Castle was reduced to ashed in the battle of Okinawa, but was restored in 1992. The castle was painted in brilliant vermilion, as the rebirth of the hitory.
  • 2000/12: Shuri Castle was designated as a 11th World Heritate in Japan.

首里城: 4y02p; 5111t; 5201m



>Top <Special Economic Zone (or Entrepôt)?>

  • Definition:
    • Different law: Business & trade laws differ from the rest of the country.
    • Location: usually located near national boundaries.
    • Special policies: investment (to attract FDI), taxation (tax holidays), trade, quotas, customs, labor regulations.
  • Various SEZ's:
    1. FTZ (Free Trade Zones): non-tariff zone surrounded by walls. Eg, Panama FTZ.
    2. EPZ (Export Processing Zones): Manufacturing industrial zone to export.
    3. EZ (Enterprise Zones): To active economics by tax incentives and financial support.
    4. FP (Free Ports): usually wider than EZ, including tourism and retails.
    5. SF EPZ (Single Factory Export Processing Zones): To give special right of incentives for particular corporation; no specific zone.
    6. SZ (Special Zones): Various parks or zones such as Technology Park, Petrochemical zone, Logistics Park, Airport Area, etc.
  • Number of SEZ:
    • There are about 3,000 SEZ's in 135 countries; within which about 2,300 SEZ are located in emerging or developing countries.



  • 定義
  • 様々な経済特区
  • 経済特区の数

>Top <SWOT> of Okinawa; A trial of SWOT as of Feb. 2015

  • SWOT matrix is a structured planning method to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in any project or plan.
  • It can identify internal and external factors that are favorable or unfavorable to achieve the goal:
    • Opportunities are the elements to be used as an possible advantage.
    • Threats are the elements that could cause troubles.
    • Internal origin: Strengths and Weaknesses which surely exist in the internal organization.
    • External origin: Opportunities and Threats which are possibly affected by the external environment.
  Helpful Harmful
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Local production for local consumption is getting a realistic policy, particularly after Fukushima disaster.
  • Comfortable climate in Okinawa.
  • Open mindedness of Okinawa life style.
  • Diversity of Okinawa culture; mixture of Asian tastes.
  • Source Software is actively used.
  • Digital divide between rich/poor or young/aged.
  • A new disparity between educated & uneducated.
  • Political tension, due to the residue of post cold war.
  • Traffic situation like airport, port, road are still insufficient.
  • Awareness of new Okinawa is still low.
Opportunities Threats
  • Power of diversity; participation by all.
  • Optimism in Okinawa; Ocean air makes you free.
  • Labor forces in Okinawa are younger than mainland Japan.
  • Connection with small islands by bridges/causeway
  • Center of knowledge; Ryudai, OIST, ...
  • English penetration is still delayed.
  • Less acknowledgement of major companies of mainland Japan.
  • Competition with other Asian cities aiming global hub.
  • Reasonable minimization of US military bases is urged.

>Top <T>:


>Top <U>:


>Top <V>:


>Top <W>:


>Top <X>:


>Top <Y>:


>Top <Z>:


  • JICA-Okinawa's trial could be an initial step for Okinawa to appeal its attractiveness as a future global hub in Asia.
  • Thank you for the encounter with all participants who came to Okinawa; it was a great experience for me to be able to share with you the time of studying, visiting, watching, discussing, and considering various things about our future!

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