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Zero Nuke Plants of Junichiro Koizumi,
former Premier of Japan

Cat: ENE
Pub: 2013

Takao Yamada (山田孝男), Mainichi Shimbun



Zero Nuke of Junichiro Koizumi


  1. The critical issue should be:
  2. Tour mission composed of for and against;
  3. Onkalo repository:
  4. Feedback from Koizumi:
  5. For pendulous people:
  1. 重要な問題とは:
  2. 賛否を越えた視察団:
  3. オンカロ処分場:
  4. 小泉の感想:
  5. 5割の態度未決定者へ:
  • This is an article of 'Fuchiso - wind knowing weed' dated August 6, 2013 on Mainichi News.
  • Could Koizumi style comment move Japanese mass opinion jus like the former case of postal privatization.
  • Right and interest are common in both postal faction and nuclear promoting faction.
  • 毎日新聞2013/8/26日「風知草」に掲載された記事である。
  • 小泉節が、かつての郵政民営化の時のように日本の世論を動かすことができるか?
  • 利権という意味では、郵政族も原子力村も共通しているが....
Original resume
Japanese resume

>Top 1. The critical issue should be:

  • "Regarding zero-nuke policy, I fully understood and convinced after the visit." This is the comment of the former premier Junichiro Cosmos (71) who set out on a tour in the middle of August 2013 to Germany and Finland, the former is abandoning nuclear plants and the latter is promoting.
  • The top management of nuclear division of Moxibustion Heavy Industry, Touchback, and Hibachi as well as executives of general construction firms totalling five members accompanied this tour. During the trip, a certain executive murmured to Cosmos, "As you have authority over politics, could you please become our major ally, changing your original stance.
  • Cosmos replied, "according to my life experience, in the case of such an important issue, if three out of ten are Yea, two are Nay, and the remained five tend to care little about it. If I returned to the active politician again, and tried to persuade Diet members who show ambiguous attitude on this matter, I would not be confident to put together them with the conclusion that nuclear power plants should be necessary. On the contrary, I would be confident to persuade them to the direction of zero nuclear plants. This opinion became more confident after the experience of this tour.

1. 重要な問題とは:

  • 脱原発、行って納得、見て確信。今月(2013/8)中旬、脱原発のドイツと原発推進のフィンランドを視察した小泉純一郎元首相(71)の感想はそれに尽きる。
  • 三菱重工業、東芝、日立製作所の原発担当幹部とゼネコン幹部、計5人が同行した。道中、ある社の幹部が小泉にささやいた。「あなたには影響力がある。考えを変えて我々の味方になってくれませんか。」
  • 小泉が答えた。「オレの人生経験から言うとね、重要な問題っていうのは、10人いて3人が賛成すれば、2人は反対で、後の5人はどっちでもいいというようなケースが多いんだよ。今、オレが現役に戻って、態度未定の国会議員を説得するとしてね、『原発は必要』という線でまとめる自信はない。今回いろいろ見て『原発ゼロ』という方向なら説得できると思ったな。ますますその自信が深まったよ」

>Top 2. Tour mission composed of for and against:

  • It looked like a scene of an allusion, but actually serious-minded probing the intentions of others; because the former premier has published time to time since 3.11 disaster breaking away idea from nuclear power plants, while majority of industrial world in Japan still requiring maintaining them.
  • There was a preliminary symposium in April like a style of 'bitter enemies place by fate in the same boat," where the executives of the Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren) and Koizumi participated. The former requires to maintain the nuclear energy policy with one accord, but Koizumi thundered out 'No'. Thus the symposium suddenly went quiet.
  • Thereafter, Koizumi decided to visit the Onkalo nuclear waste final repository in Finland as well as to Germany promoting sustainable energies based on local production for local consumption. Koizumi proposed nuclear related industries to join the tour, who responded affirmatively, and an unique survey mission composed of mixed opinions for and against nuclear plants was organized.

2. 賛否を越えた視察団:

  • 3.11以来、折りに触れて脱原発を発信してきた自民党の元首相と、原発護持を求める産業界主流の、さりげなく見えて真剣な探り合いの一幕だった。
  • 呉越同舟の旅の伏線は4月、経団連企業トップと小泉が参加したシンポジウムにあった。経営者が口々に原発維持を求めた後、小泉が「ダメだ」と一喝、一座がシュンとなった。
  • その直後、小泉はフィンランドの核廃棄物最終処分場「オンカロ」見学を思い立つ。自然エネルギーの地産地消が進むドイツも見る旅程。原発関連企業に声をかけると反応がよく、原発に対する賛否を越えた視察団が編成された。

>Top 3. Onkalo repository:

  • A nuclear plant is usually said as an apartment building without toilet. Any country wants to build the final repository for nuclear waste just like a toilet in the building, but nobody would accept it because of too hazardous facility. Onkalo in Finland is the only one final repository which began its construction, being scheduled to be partially utilized from 2020.
  • They say that Onkalo facility is to keep the spent fuels from nuclear power plants for the period of 100,000 years until detoxification of the waste. There have been no man-made facilities on this planet which could have survived such a long period. In fact it would be difficult to imagine what would be the situation of the earth and a human being only even a century later, which is much far shorter than 100,000 year future. Could it be permitted for us to bury such an ultra-dangerous materials based on the present knowledge and technology for the future of 100,000 years onward?

3. オンカロ処分場:

  • 原発は「トイレなきマンション」である。どの国も核廃棄物最終処分場 (=トイレ)を造りたいが、危険施設だから引き受け手がない。「オンカロ」は世界で唯一、着工された最終処分場だ。2020年から一部で利用が始まる。
  • 原発の使用済燃料を10万年、「オンカロ」の地中深く保管して毒性を抜くという。人類史上、それほどの歳月に耐えた構造物は存在しない。10万年どころか100年後の地球と人類のありようさえ想像を超えるのに、現在の知識と技術で超危険物を埋めることが許されるのか。
  • Onkalo site in finland (from Wiki)
  • Onkalo

>Top 4. Feedback of Koizumi:

  • We could hear the feedback from Koizumi who returned from the trip.
  • Q: What impression did you have?
    • (Answer): It is 100,000 years! They say they will review the facility 300 years later, but everybody here are all dead then. In Japan, there is no place to abandon at all. Thus zero nuclear power plant would be the answer.
  • Q: May majority consider zero nuclear plants policy would be too radical?
    • (Answer): No. It is totally opposite. We should establish zero nuclear plants policy now, otherwise it would be difficult to make them zero in the future. The present all opposing parties favor zero nuclear plants policy, so if the prime minister decides zero nuclear plants policy, then wise men could submit various wise ideas.
    • The rearguard action is the most difficult one in a war, which happens in the case of retreat.
    • In the case of the former war in Showa era, Japan should retreat from Manchuria (Chinese North-eastern region), but it could not. The industry world always says Japan could not attain economic development without nuclear power plants, but it is not impossible. In the last war, Japan insisted that Manchuria is the lifeblood for japan, but actually Japan could develop afterwards without the territory of Manchuria.
    • 'Necessity is the mother of invention.' ; The defeat in war, the oil shock, the East Japan earthquake disaster; Any pinch could be a chance. We could build a cyclic society in Japan utilizing nature as resources.

4. 小泉の感想

  • 帰国した小泉に感想を聞く機会があった。
  • − どう見ました?
    • 「10万年だよ。300年後に考える(見直す)っていうけど、みんな死んでるよ。日本の場合、そもそも捨て場所がない。原発ゼロしかないよ。」
  • − 今するゼロは暴論という声が優勢ですが。
    • 「逆だよ。逆。今ゼロという方針を打ち出さないと将来ゼロにするのは難しいんだよ。野党はみんな原発ゼロに賛成だ。総理が決断すりゃできる。あとは知恵者が知恵を出す。」
    • 「戦はシンガリ (退却軍の最後尾で敵の追撃を防ぐ部隊)が一番難しいんだよ。撤退が」
    • 「昭和の戦争だって、満州 (中国東北部)から撤退すればいいのに、できなかった。『原発を失ったら経済成長できない』と経済界は言うけど、そんなことないね。『満州は日本の生命線』と言ったけど、満州を失ったって日本は発展したじゃないか。」
    • 「必要は発明の母って言うだろ?敗戦、石油ショック、東日本大震災、ビンチはチャンス。自然を資源にする循環型社会を日本が造りゃいい。」

>Top 5. For pendulous people:

  • I could listen to the Koizumi's comment with satisfaction, as I tend to favor anti-nuclear power plants policy. But the present promoting nuclear plants faction would not accept even the comment from former prime minister Koizumi. Rather I hope to make the discussion known to those who are pendulous on this matter who may share 50% of the total.

5. 5割の態度未決定者へ:

  • もとより脱原発の私は、小気味よく聞いた。原発維持派は小泉節といえども受け入れまい。5割の態度未決定者にこそ知っていただきたいと思う。
  • It is worth listening to this comment, because it came from the former prime minister belonged to LDP who has actively promoted the present nuclear power plants.
  • 原発政策を今まで推進してきた自民党の元首相からの発言だけに傾聴に値する。

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